Our goal is to empower an emerging generation through art and storytelling to create change in their communities, as well as in their own lives.

Through the practice of visual storytelling, students learn the skills needed to share their stories with the world. Broken into “Project Sites” based on location, students partner with local media organizations to speak out on behalf of social and economic situations within their communities. Telling stories of significant in their own lives, students are given the opportunity to share with the world the things they care about.

Why should you care... because they do.

There is a generation looking for a way to express themselves and get out of the vicious cycle of unattainable dreams as seen in low-income neighborhoods. Their eyes have become their voice, and their voice needs to be heard.

Tampa Bay


In a recent study released by the “Voices for Florida,” it was stated that about 924,000 kids collectively in the state of Florida live below the poverty line.

15 students in 12 days, conceptualized a story that mattered to them in their community, made contacts, gathered footage AND produced short films that give you a glimpse into life as they see it.


San Francisco

According to the State of California, the projected average of students to graduate from a San Francisco Bay Area public high school in 2013 is set at 72%. State wide the average graduation rate for 2013 is projected at 67%.

Using the Hipstamatic app on iPod Touch’s, students from Life Learning Academy will take on the challenge of telling their story through still, square images.

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We. Hear. You

The missing link between the students stories and change is the scope at which their voices can be heard.  By partnering with media organizations and professional photographers we are closing that  gap.

Creating a platform both digitally and in tangible gallery spaces, the world begins to feels smaller and dreams grow bigger.

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