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Impact Model

Our work is to create an environment for growth. Our project model empowers young individuals by orienting learning around their subjects of interest. By placing learners in an environment that requires use of their creative mind we leverage their interest to reinforce their learning. With each student that we support another opportunity has been created for knowledge to be shared in our community.

Protect the Eyes
Protect the Eyes

Welcome to our innovative youth media recreation center, a hub where students' interests drive the learning experience. Our project-based model, expertly crafted to cater to individual passions and learning styles, ensures an immersive educational journey. With traditional arts and music at its core, our programs provide a holistic platform, nurturing creativity, and building essential scholastic and professional skills.

Creative processes lie at the heart of our approach, empowering students to express themselves authentically. We merge diverse design techniques with essential skills, shaping an engaging curriculum tailored to different age groups. Traditional art and music are seamlessly integrated, enhancing our programs and fostering a love for the arts.

Creative process
Garbage Recycling

We are committed to fostering multi-level impacts, we facilitate meaningful peer-to-peer learning opportunities, offer dedicated youth mentorship and leadership roles, and create vital connections between higher education, secondary education, and various professionals. Through these initiatives, we provide enriching experiences that promote a profound sense of belonging and unity within our diverse community.

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