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Program Services

We develop unique programs with school districts and community partners to support student learning by putting youth in proximity to design professionals and pre-professionals who can teach secondary school students professional and transportable skills while supporting traditional scholastic skills


Personalized Learning

Our programs are designed around the unique qualities of student groups. By tailoring programs to their interests and aspirations we are able to reinforce traditional learning while nurturing youth's passion. This boost academic performance while cultivating confidence, curiosity, and a lifelong thirst for knowledge.


Subject Matter Expertise

We leverage subject matter expertise to guide our project-based learning modules so that students can combine their scholastic learning with technical skills in professions relevant to their subject matter interests.


Student to Teacher Pipeline

We work alongside various stakeholders to provide opportunities for early career professionals to acquire teaching credentials that can support the teacher workforce with additional qualified staff and can provide opportunities for exposure to young professionals in the field of teaching and community service.

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